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Communicating well to facilitate the transition to hybrid work mode

With Pascale Cécire, Flavie Dion-Cliche, Amélie Doucet and Dominique Lavoie, doctoral candidates in psychology, under the supervision of Sophie Meunier, Ph.D., professor in the psychology department at the Université du Québec à Montréal, with the collaboration of Global-Watch.

In this video, Ms. Cécire, Ms. Dion-Cliche, Ms. Doucet and Ms. Lavoie show you how to write an effective communication plan to reduce the potential negative effects associated with a change, such as the transition to a hybrid work mode. What message to communicate, what means of communication to use, what to include in the content as well as the best times to communicate throughout the transition are discussed in this video.

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Global-Watch affiliates can also access a tip sheet and a decision tree for communications according to the different hierarchical levels and the media to be used.

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