webinar with Rose-Marie Charest, psychologist and speaker
June 20, 2019

Adaptation to change in the context of the implementation of artificial intelligence in the workplace

On June 20, Global-Watch presented its third free webinar, this time with Mrs Rose-Marie Charest, a psychologist and speaker well known and loved in Quebec. The Global-Watch team would like to thank all participants and all of those who completed the webinar appreciation survey!

As confirmed by the survey, this was an appreciated event that allowed participants to learn more about the impact of changes on humans, the main effects to be expected on employees in relation to the implementation of artificial intelligence in the workplace and the elements to consider for an optimal adaptation to this major change.

The recording of the webinar will be provided to registrants upon request. All requests must be made by email to info@global-watch.com.

More webinars will be added for 2019. Check the upcoming events page regularly to find them!

Rose-Marie Charest is a psychologist and speaker. She has been practicing clinical psychology since 1980, in addition to having chaired the Ordre des psychologues du Québec from 1998 to 2015. Recognized in Quebec as the “psychologist who speaks to the world/to people”, she now offers consulting services, conferences and corporate facilitation sessions. In her interventions, she draws on her knowledge of psychology and shares her expertise acquired throughout a career that has taken her from the clinic to management, organizational governance and public and political communications.

Pierre Breton
Author: Pierre Breton

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