How to get organizations to play a key role in workers’ psychological health?

January 29, 2019, Longueuil Campus, Université de Sherbrooke

On January 29th, at the Longueuil campus of the Université de Sherbrooke, there was a conference with Mr. Peter Kelly, British expert in the field of workplace mental health. He shared his knowledge about an organizations’ role with respect to their workers’ psychological health.

We thank all the participants for their interest and numerous questions!

Mr. Peter Kelly holds a Master in organizational psychology. He acts as a technical expert in the areas of workplace health and well-being and work-related stress prevention at the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. He is also the practitioner chair of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, where he leads organizational initiatives to prevent psychosocial risks and promote workplace prevention. He has contributed to research studies and has also been involved in many European expert groups dealing with workplace psychological health.

Download Peter Kelly’s presentation.

Coming soon : Global-Watch’s interview with Mr Peter Kelly


Pierre Breton
Author: Pierre Breton

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