4 Tools to Promote a Healthy Work Climate

●  Building and Maintaining a Trusting Relationship
●  Building a Collaborative Relationship
●  Workplace Conflict
●  How to Successfully Communicate with People Who are Different

In partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, Global-Watch has developed 4 tools that can help organizations promote a healthy work climate. The tools are aimed at human resources managers, managers and employees.

The tools are accompanied by tips / advice or concrete exercises to be done alone or in a team. The four themes will also provide tools for employers and unions in the management of labor relations, whether managers or workers.

More than twenty (24) scientific resources were used in the preparation of these tools. 


Description of tools


1. Building and maintaining a trusting relationship
A tool developed to learn how to build and nurture trust in a relationship between managers and employees, between colleagues or between employer / union bodies.

To be used with the table that allows you to identify barriers and solutions to the challenges of the employer-union relationship.

2. Building a collaborative relationship
Tool to help companies build collaborative relationships for optimal team harmony.

3. Workplace conflict
A tool developed for organizations showing how to help a person resolve a difficult interpersonal relationship with another person!

4. How to successfully communicate with people who are different
A tool developed for organizations to develop favorable conditions and tips to facilitate and succeed in communicating even when people are very different, be it language, age, personalities or culture.