Where are you on the mental health continuum?

Taking care of yourself first… to better take care of others


You need to know how to take care of yourself before you can help others! As such, managers must first and foremost be attentive to the state of their own psychological health. To help you with this, Global-Watch has identified a tool called Checking our mental health vital signs – The mental health continuum, inspired by the Mental Health Continuum1. It also provides you with strategies to work towards an optimal state of psychological health. This tool should be used regularly, even daily, in order to quickly target the first signs of a reactive or weakened state. Rachel Thibeault, O.C., Ph.D., FCAOT, who helped create the tool, presents it in this video (in French only).

This tool will allow you to assess changes in your own psychological health and that of your employees AND have strategies and recommended actions available to take care of yourself so you can then help others.

It is offered free of charge for employers that have more than 100 employees (some restrictions apply) as well as for the Global-Watch affiliates in phase 1 of the Mitigating psychological health risks and psychosocial risks in times of uncertainty and pandemic Global-Watch Toolkit.

More than 100 reliable sources worldwide have been used in the development of this Toolkit

Pierre Breton
Author: Pierre Breton

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