Disable an ad blocker and allow pop-ups

Ad blockers, as well as your browser settings related to pop-ups, can prevent the proper functioning of toolkit and document downloads available to affiliate employers on the Global-Watch platform.

Here is the procedure for allowing pop-ups and disabling your ad blocker.

Allow pop-ups from your browser

Click on the name of your browser to get the procedure:


Disable an ad blocker

Here is the quick and easy tutorial on how to disable your browser’s ad blocker and ensure an optimal browsing experience.

1- Locate the ad blocker icon

The icon is usually located on the right side of the top bar of your browser. Depending on the browser you use, the icon may be on the left side and look slightly different.

2- Disable the ad blocker

By right-clicking on the icon, several options are displayed. At this point, you need to disable the ad blocker on the Global-Watch website or pause it for the current site as shown in the example below.


3- The ad blocker is now disabled

If you disabled of the ad blocker correctly, the icon should be displayed differently, as in the example below.

Icône bloqueur de publicité

You can now continue to browse the Global-Watch platform and download all documents assigned to you.

If you are still experiencing download problems, please contact technical support.