Equip managers and organizations so they can take action

Global-Watch does a scientific literature review, identifies best practices in organizations, then suggests tools that allow its members to have in hand the arguments and tools they need to.

Global-Watch offers materials to build effective business cases

  • Understand the problem and its impacts on the overall health of employees and on organizational performance
  • Convince upper management, stakeholders and executives of the importance of taking action in suggesting ways to make it easier to apply the approach day to day
  • Help and equip to move to action
  • Measure and calculate the impacts on individuals and on the organization
  • Sustain mobilization around this issue

Recent ressources

Properly prepare for your day working remotely

Properly prepare for your day working remotely

We present this guide on well-being while working remotely, which, we hope, will help you better manage your time, the boundaries between your personal life and your professional life and the use of diverse technologies, with the goal of helping you take care of your physical and mental health.

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Thematic dossier : Nutrition

Thematic dossier : Nutrition

This thematic dossier includes 2 tools dedicated to human resources managers, 5 information and awareness fact sheets intended for employees and 1 complementary tool on physical activity. More than 60 scientific references were considered in the development of this file.

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Free videos – Thematic dossier: New workplace realities: organizational initiatives and management practices that promote mental health

Free videos – Thematic dossier: New workplace realities: organizational initiatives and management practices that promote mental health

Video presentations available for free : The contents of this thematic dossier present organizational initiatives to be deployed or management practices to be implemented in your companies to promote mental health and well-being at work. The following topics will be explored in the form of reference guides, tools for your managers and videos: disconnection, peer support programs, daily management practices and recognition at work.

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Global-Watch’s reference models

1. Global-Watch framework for intervention©

Global-Watch’s framework for intervention© offers the strategy and process to follow for an integrated organizational approach.


2. Continuum of overall workplace health


Initiatives for promoting overall health must include keeping employees in a state of well-being, while prevention initiatives aim to reduce the negative impacts of risk factors and avoid absences or departures.


However, it is also critical to make an effort before problems occur – by preventing absences and promoting being present at work, productive and engaged, where the employee can thrive and contribute to achieving their objectives and to organizational health.


When it comes to workplace health, organizations often tend to focus only on the time when the employee is absent. This intervention approach is limited if one does not also give priority to preventing departures and absences, as well as promoting workplace health and well-being.

Return to work

Global-Watch supports the fact that it is important to apply prevention strategies when the employee returns to work after being absent due to illness, to avoid a relapse and to maximize the chances of job retention. It is also important to mobilize a multidisciplinary team and follow best practices at this stage.

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From science to action, while promoting interaction among employers and integration of practices

Global-Watch's offer at a glance

Examples of tools

  • Scientific monitoring / content distribution
  • Market monitoring / identification of tools and trends
  • Detailed thematic dockets (including literature review and toolkit)
  • Covers all themes related to workplace health and well-being
  • International monitoring (scientific and market) based on WHERE expertise may be found
  • Content that is selected, summarized, discussed and interpreted
  • Tools, resources, recommendations and turnkey deployment kit
  • Case studies // Clips from experts


  • Bilingual (English and French)
  • Neutral and objective compared to other offerings in the marketplace
  • Financed by employers
  • From everywhere - based on where expertise may be found
  • Takes into account the reality organizations are facing
  • Community of interest (dialogue on research, case studies, workshops, etc.)
  • Concierge services (personalized research and analysis)
  • Annual meetings and meetings with organizations