About Global-Watch

Learning from global best practices to promote workplace health and well-being

Who is Global-Watch?

Global-Watch is an international collaborative platform of best practices in workplace mental health and well-being.
It offers employers of 100+ employees:

  • Thematic toolkits

  • Scientific knowledge that is accessible and easy to understand

  • Facilitation of an international community of practice with virtual working groups of employers

We provide access to cutting-edge tools and knowledge from experts, researchers and leaders in their respective fields around the world.

Global-Watch started in Canada: it now supports its affiliate employers in some 50 countries and reaches nearly one million employees.

Save time and resources while benefiting
from best practices in workplace health and well-being

Do not reinvent the wheel


Rigour, relevance and neutrality


Adapt to the operational context


Develop tools


Themes prioritized collectively by affiliates


As a Global-Watch affiliate,
you could benefit from all of our products and services.

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Some of the employers who trust us:

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And with the collaboration of several researchers and universities for the popularization of science.