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Global-Watch’s goal is to help develop employer’s business intelligence

Global-Watch discovers best practices and tools in workplace health and well-being for employers from experts, countries and researchers who are leaders in their respective fields.

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Topics monitored include:

  • Physical, social, financial and psychological health
  • Reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Health and engagement of employees and managers
  • Strategies and internal rollout processes
  • Measurement of impact, performance indicators and success markers
  • Risks and their solutions
  • Change management
  • Key changes that will have an impact on the person at work as well as on their well-being


To ensure the credibility and relevance of sources and to take part in interpreting knowledge to support action, researchers are involved at various stages of content development.

Discover tools as well as scientific and market monitoring contents developed for employers!

Our goal

To become an indispensable partner for employers who care about workplace health, well-being and performance by providing, in a selective and accessible way, the latest scientific expertise, promising practices and tools discovered on the international scene.
We wish to help develop business intelligence for organizations.

Our dream

That ALL employers be inspired by best practices and promising experiments to act effectively and efficiently to promote the health, quality of life and performance at work.

Our guiding principles

  • rigour and relevance
  • international collaboration with researchers
  • sustainability of actions and effects
  • community of interest and sharing of resources
  • networking of employers

Our team

The Global-Watch team is composed of about 15 colleagues from several different geographical regions working in workplace health and well-being, management, health promotion, occupational health, information technologies, communications and knowledge transfer.

To complement the various aspects of its work, Global-Watch also calls on specialists based on the nature of the subjects being addressed.


Scientific partner

Global-Watch has reached a strategic partnership with the Équipe pour des Organisations en
Santé (ÉOS) of the Université de Sherbrooke School of Management, in order to work in close collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from different universities. This innovative partnership is a key pillar in identifying and developing best practices.

Advisory committee

Global-Watch calls on its advisory committee to guide its development and the services it offers, confirm specific, relevant content for affiliates, recommend adjustments to be carried out, and provide its expertise for specific references.

Members of the advisory committee are affiliates, experts in workplace health and well-being, and representatives of various professions and institutions.

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