Turnkey toolkits based on scientific knowledge and promising practices from around the world

Each Global-Watch Toolkit is developed in
3 steps:


  • Review of scientific knowledge from around the world
  • Review of promising practices and experiences in Canada and abroad
  • Development of turnkey tools using a structured step-by-step (systematic) and systemic approach (including the various stakeholders) based on the Global-Watch Framework for Intervention


Our Global-Watch Toolkits are comprised of tools for HR teams and those responsible for rolling out workplace health and well-being strategies, as well as, depending on the toolkit, tools for managers and employees.

The toolkits developed to date include 8 to 30 tools and are based on 50 to 120 credible references worldwide.


Global-Watch Toolkits for affiliates


Assessing work-related psychosocial risks (PSRs) and their risk factors

This toolkit includes 8 tools to help you implement your workplace psychosocial risk assessment program. It focuses mainly on understanding these risks and their associated factors and on how to assess them. Global-Watch reviewed some sixty sources at the literature search stage. Thirty of these were selected for the development of the tools in this kit.

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