Community of Practice

Community of practice

Second edition of the bi-annual Global-Watch Meetings in Paris : workplace harassment and indicators of health and well-being at work

This second Global-Watch Meetings event, held at the Orange offices in Paris, brought together representatives of French and Canadian companies. The standardization of indicators on the global level and the preserving of the uniqueness of each country’s local context contributed to the success of initiatives in workplace health and well-being.


The president and founder of Global-Watch, Marie-Claude Pelletier, and the director of scientific monitoring and professor France St-Hilaire, Director of Équipe sur les organisations en santé (ÉOS) at the Université de Sherbrooke, undertook a summer mission in Ivory Coast to give presentations on workplace health and well-being during an international event, to meet workplace health and well-being representatives from Orange and to discuss possible collaborations between Ivory Coast and Québec on issues related to workplace health and well-being.

Global-Watch Meetings: minutes from March 12, 2018

On March 12, a virtual Paris-Montréal meeting was held with Global-Watch affiliates via videoconference.
Thanks to Groupe Orange, CGI and Desjardins for sharing their approach and their lessons learned for the rollout of complex or international strategies and/or workplace health and well-being.