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When technology and personal life are not necessarily compatible!

When technology and personal life are not necessarily compatible!

In modern societies, the way of working is constantly evolving. Some of this change is facilitated by communication technologies which allow connectivity, immediacy and, in the process, permeability of the boundaries that once separated work from private life. It would be wrong, however, to blame technology by itself for these developments: electronic devices can be disabled, emails can be filtered and incoming (telephone) calls can be directed to voice mail. Nevertheless, hyperconnectivity makes individuals more accessible and implicitly requires them to be available online at all times. What is the impact on employees?

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Older workers: adding value

Older workers: adding value

Due to the aging of today’s workers, many organizations will experience major demographic declines over the next 20 years, which could create a labour shortage. Because of an increase in life expectancy, combined with a gradual extension to what was traditionally considered the age of retirement at 65, older workers are a growing proportion of the current labour force.

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