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Global-Watch at the Association nationale des directeurs en ressources humaines (ANDRH) University in France

On June 18, Marie-Claude Pelletier, President and Founder of Global-Watch, gave a conference on international trends and perspectives in workplace health and well-being at the ANDRH University in Nantes, France.

The 2019 edition of this key HR event in France brought together more than 500 HR managers and professionals around the theme of “HR New balances”. In the spirit of the new collaboration between Global-Watch and the ANDRH, the presentation covered several current topics including work organization, psychological health, connected objects, experienced workers, millennia, the impact of artificial intelligence on workers, etc.

About the Association nationale des directeurs en ressources humaines (ANDRH)

Created in 1947, the ANDRH is an association serving human resources professionals representing companies and organizations of all sectors of activity and sizes, public and private, national, (virgule ajoutée) and international. With more than 5,000 members in France, organized into 80 local groups, it is the largest community of human resources professionals in France. Since its creation, the ANDRH has anticipated and supported the evolution of human resources professions.

Pierre Breton
Author: Pierre Breton