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Global-Watch Network is an international collaborative platform that promotes movement from science to action, interaction with other employers and the integration of workplace health and well-being practices.

The importance of taking action on workplace health and well-being

Whether we’re talking about psychosocial risks or stress, health, chronic illness, well-being that promotes productivity, or employee retention and engagement, workplace health and well-being have been issues in our organizations for several years. Given the scale of these growing challenges, we all benefit when we learn from each other and save time.

Who is Global-Watch for ?


  • Does your company have 100 employees or more?
  • Do you care about your teams’ well-being and performance?
  • Are you looking for concrete, science-based tools and promising practices from around the world so you can move to action?
  • Do you want to share and discuss with other employers in a neutral and revitalizing environment?
  • Or do you simply want to be aware of international trends and best practices on various topics related to workplace health and well-being?

Global-Watch is for you! Contact us to discuss your needs and exactly how Global-Watch can help your organization move from promising practices and science to action when it comes to workplace health and safety.

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Membership options


Three levels are available for affiliates:

Basic membershipNetwork membershipPersonalized membership


Depending on your needs and priorities, we adjust the fees according to which of the following products and services you use:

  • Various turnkey toolkits
  • Accessible, easy-to-understand scientific articles and videos
  • Employer testimonials and case histories
  • Participation to the Community of Practice
    The Global-Watch Community of Practice is composed exclusively of employers from different countries. It is in the form of thematic working groups, virtual support groups and discussions with experts and other employers during Global-Watch Meetings.
  • Regular monitoring of developments and promising practices from around the world
  • Concierge services
    Global-Watch offers a concierge service to meet its affiliates’ unique or one-time needs (such as specific information, choice of service providers, and advice). Access to the concierge service is given, depending on your membership level, based on a certain number of hours included with membership or for an additional fee.
  • Number of licenses desired

Affiliate testimonials

« We have at our disposal ready-to-use functional kits. That saves us time, and we know that we have what we need to take action by following best practices. »

– Jean-François Enselme, Avril Group


« Global-Watch allows us to get away from our usual references and make use of best practices from around the world. That translates into tangible thematic dossiers and summaries by experts. »

– Réal Cassista, Director, Health Management, Human Resources and Communications, Desjardins



« We are always looking for innovative practices in workplace health and well-being. The Global-Watch team does an excellent job of researching, sorting, prioritizing and analyzing, and that saves us an enormous amount of time. »

– Marie-Hélène Favreau, Director, Mental Health, Workplace Practices and Disability Management, Bell Canada


« Global-Watch allows us to easily access credible content and research results. It’s a value-added for us to be part of the Global-Watch community, as we are constantly being inspired by the content provided and the experiences of the other affiliates. »

– Suzanne Bossy, Director of Health and Well-Being, CGI

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