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Global-Watch aims to increase knowledge transfer between universities and organizations on the various aspects related to workplace health and well-being.

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Identify, sort, analyze, summarize, make accessible and interpret studies for affiliates

In this era of non-stop news and social media, where too often studies are the subject of headlines leaving viewers with the impression of the “discovery of the century” or a “magic bullet,” how can we tap into the real subject of a scientific consensus and conclusive data? This is one of the things that Global-Watch does for the benefit of its affiliates, with the support of its scientific team.

How to read our scientific analyses?

Because we go well beyond a simple summary, the input from our expert advisor is highlighted by coloured backgrounds, and icons identify each section. In addition to the scientific team’s work, a supplement from Global-Watch’s team presents avenues for reflection and for action.

Maintaining workplace health and well-being during the COVID-19 crisis

Renowned scientists and specialists helping employers and workers


During this period of uncertainty and anxiety, it’s even more important to take care of employees and loved ones. True to its mission of promoting the movement from promising practices and science to action when it comes to workplace health and well-being, Global-Watch will continue to provide high-quality information to employers and their employees.

We would like to recognize the work of the researchers, experts and specialists who are striving to develop these resources, providing employers with credible recommendations based on good practices.

“We are in a time of information overload, where the web is teeming with all kinds of information and advice. Our goal is to make scientific knowledge widely accessible for all employers, managers or employees who want to benefit from rigorous knowledge and concrete objectives and courses of action.” – Marie-Claude Pelletier, President and Founder of Global-Watch

This initiative is supported by the Chief Scientist of Québec with the Fonds de recherche du Québec [Québec Research Fund].

The Global-Watch Université de Sherbrooke Scientific Newsflashes


This initiative was launched in March 2020 to explore issues related to the pandemic. PhD students from various disciplines and universities write practical “scientific newsflashes” about topical themes related to the current situation based on international scientific studies. These Global-Watch Université de Sherbrooke Scientific Newsflashes are overseen by France St-Hilaire, associate professor of Human Resources at the Université de Sherbrooke’s School of Management, and are published regularly. We invite you to share them widely by circulating them to those who might find this information useful.

“Given this crisis, how can we, as employees or managers, continue working while maintaining our health and well-being? PhD students will provide answers to this question based on scientific knowledge. The Global-Watch Université de Sherbrooke Scientific Newsflashes are brief news items based on rigorous research, written in a way that everyone can understand, allowing us to face the unprecedented challenges before us. I am very proud of and touched by the students’ social engagement.” – Prof. France St-Hilaire, director of the Global-Watch Université de Sherbrooke Scientific Newsflashes

International scientific collaboration

Depending on the topics and tools, Global-Watch identifies academics with expertise and offers you accessible content and courses of action from experts from various countries.

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