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Global-Watch does a scientific literature review, identifies best practices in organizations, then suggests tools that allow its affiliates to have in hand the arguments and tools they need.

Tools and Resources

7 tips for rebuilding social connections within your team

Tips for promoting social connections at work, whether they be for working in person, remotely or in a hybrid context.

Global-Watch Thematic Conferences

The Global-Watch Thematic Conferences are developed to help understand, learn and act on the main issues related to workplace mental health and well-being.

Prioritizing and measuring the impact of work-life balance initiatives

A 14 tools toolkit to help you prioritize and measure the impact of work-life balance initiatives using science-based indicators.

Workplace health and well-being events from around the world

Workplace health and well-being events recommended by Global-Watch

Digital Fatigue – Reference Guide for HR

HR managers, get this reference guide on the main causes, consequences and what you can do to limit the effects of digital fatigue in your organization.

Work-life balance at Tootelo

In this video, you will discover the different WLB measures employed by Tootelo, as well as their challenges, success factors and much more interesting information!

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Cutting-edge resources to equip your organization


Turnkey toolkits to help you take action

Case studies and video clips by experts

Meetings with inspiring employers and experts

Various tools

Surveys, sample policies, processes, activities, interpretations of reports and surveys, etc.

Testimonials from our affiliates

“We have at our disposal ready-to-use, functional kits. That saves us time, and we know that we have what we need to take action by following best practices.”

– Jean-François Enselme, Avril Group


“Global-Watch allows us to get away from our usual references and make use of best practices from around the world. That translates into tangible thematic dossiers and summaries by experts.”

– Réal Cassista, Director, Health Management, Human Resources and Communications, Desjardins


“We are always looking for innovative practices in workplace health and well-being. The Global-Watch team does an excellent job of researching, sorting, prioritizing and analyzing, and that saves us an enormous amount of time.”

– Marie-Hélène Favreau, Director, Mental Health, Workplace Practices and Disability Management, Bell Canada


“Global-Watch allows us to easily access credible content and research results. It’s a value-added for us to be part of the Global-Watch community, as we are constantly being inspired by the content provided and the experiences of the other affiliates.”

– Suzanne Bossy, Director of Health and Well-Being, CGI

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